How to stop your dog jumping up on people

How does your dog react when you come home after a tiring day at work? He definitely jumps on you, doesn’t he? It is completely natural because almost all the dogs get excited upon the arrival of their masters. This causes a lot of issues for the dog owners, especially for the people who have large dogs. It can also create awkward situations, especially when visitors come to your place. Here are some effective tips that you can follow in order to keep the dog away from jumping on you.

One of the most convenient methods available out there for the people keep their dogs away from jumping would be to set him down by taking his two front paws. Then you can say “NO” in a commanding and firm voice and turn away. In that kind of a situation, your dog might jump on your back legs in order to grab your attention. You can repeat the same in such a situation as well. If you keep training your dog like this for some time, you will get the opportunity to keep him away from jumping on you. You should also take necessary measures to encourage your dog to stay calm throughout.

Many dog owners find it as a hard task to control their dogs. That’s mainly because the dogs require a lot of attention. You can get rid of this behavior by training the dog early as possible. In other words, you will be able to get rid of the issues before the situation gets out of your hand. You need to show your dominant behavior to your dog and make him listen to your commands. Then you will be able to handle any given situation without much hassle.

Some dog training professionals would encourage dog owners to hit the dog for such behavior. However, you should not do that under any circumstance. The dog would jump on to you to express his love towards you. Therefore, you need to be kind to your dog when teaching how to stop it. Being consistent with your commands can be considered as the best method available to achieve it. Then the dog would eventually understand that you do not prefer his behavior.

If you own a large dog breed, you will need to get rid of this issue as soon as possible. You should not become too excited when your dog sees you. Even though he is ready to greet you, you need to show that you do not accept such greetings. Then your dog would sit down and wait for your commands when you come home after work. If you want to learn how to teach these good habits such as stop dog from jumping from the early stages of his life, you can think of following a reliable dog training guide such as The Online Dog Trainer. It can act as a comprehensive guide and you will get the opportunity to teach the best habits to your dog.

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