Learn how to stop your dog barking

Dog barking can be considered as one of the most frustrating concerns faced by dog owners who live in every corner of the world. The barking of your dog would definitely disturb your household. It can bring a lot of frustration to the minds of your neighbors as well. You might not be able to get a good sleep at night because of your dogs barking. This can reduce your productivity during the next day and you would tend to annoy your family members and friends. On the other hand, obsessive barking of your dog can disturb other pets in your neighborhood. Therefore, you will need to figure out how to stop dog barking as soon as possible.

First of all, it is better to have a clear understanding about why dogs bark. From the recent studies, it has been identified that a lot of dogs bark in order to grab the attention of their owners. In addition, the dogs would bark to notify the owners that something is coming. There are some dogs who bark when they want to go potty or when they hear the barking of other dogs in the neighborhood. Moreover, loneliness or separation anxiety can also tempt your dog to bark. It is important for you to understand the exact reason behind the barking of your dog to keep him away from this frustrating habit.

If your dog barks to notify you that someone is coming, you can immediately praise him for that. This can help you to stop the barking of your dog as soon as possible. If your dog continues to bark after your response, you can tell “Stop” or “No” to them with a firm voice. Or else, you can give some work for your dog to do. You can give attention to your dog when they are quiet and calm. That’s because most of the dogs bark to get your attention. In order to avoid this behavior, you need to ignore the dog until they calm down. Then your dog would figure out that barking is not the best solution available for him to get your attention. This can even be considered as a basic tip in dog obedience training.

Just like humans, dogs require a lot of exercise. If your dog is barking, you need to make sure that he is getting enough exercise. They need to get both physical exercises as well as mental exercises. You should never hit or yell at a dog who is barking. If you do it, the things would get worse and you will find it more difficult to make him stop barking.

If these tricks don’t work for you, you can think of subscribing to a dog training guide. The Online Dog Trainer can be considered as one of the best guides available out there on the Internet for modern world dog trainers. It can let you know about the best dog training secrets and you just need to follow them with a hassle free mind.

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