The Best Way of Caring For Your Pet

The Best Way of Caring For Your Pet

We love to have pets at our homes because they are our best companions. Children and kids love to play with them and spend their quality time with these pets. After sometime, pets develop such a bond with us that it is very difficult to stay without them and they become a part of our family and life. They are faithful, lovable and caring creatures and all of us have great affinity for them.

Owning and caring for pets and animals at our place do not have to be troublesome. They have to be treated, loved and cared for like infants. With little knowledge and special care you can raise a pet at your home.

We have tried to elaborate some easy to follow tips which you can use to take care of your pet. The information is the result of analysis, facts and extensive study about the behaviors of pets and animals. We hope that the information provided here will help you select, raise and care for your pets.

We welcome the new addition to your family!

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Various breeds of cats

You might consider keeping a cat at your home; however, you must be aware of the fact that some of the breeds are better than others. It is highly recommended to get the information about these cats well in advance. There are a wide range of cats available including indoors, outdoors, indoor and outdoor cats. You must be aware of the fact that indoor cats can be targeted by birds and other wild animals and outdoor cats are smarter than indoor cats. Some of the cat breeds are elaborated below and depending upon your preferences and choice, you can select the best one:

Siamese: The cat belonging to this breed can be considered as a fickle creature. These cats require love and care whenever they want to. If you leave them alone in the house; they cry frantically. They can be found with blue eyes, brown ears and white in color. These cats are very amicable and are at their best when they are raised from infancy. The cats of this breed are known as one of the most intelligent and social cats. They get attached to the person they start staying with.

Persian: One of the oldest cat breed is Persian. They can be recognized with their longhair and beautiful shinny coats. These cats get health problems very easily including allergies. However, they are very comforting and friendly creatures. They do not play very often but they can have fun and excitement in various social situations. They are found in various colors such as white or mix of white, solid black and browns around the face. Himalayan is the most popular Persian. These cats enjoy in the company of other cats.

Manx: It is a known fact that the cats belonging to this breed do not have tail or have a stubby tail. This is the reason why they are prone to suffer from worms and other parasites as there is no tail for the protection. However, the cats are very intelligent and playful. They can be considered as dog like because they can grab a ball or toys when you throw them and ask them to bring them back to you. The cats love children and want to be in their company. You have to give extra care and attention as they are very social animals and do not want to stay aloof. If you are going out, make sure that you have children or other cats at your home. Depending upon your choice and lifestyle, you can get the best one for you.


Safety is most important for your pet

It has been observed that people adopt cats or pets with the thoughts in mind that they will be able to raise them without considering where they are going to stay; indoor or outdoor. You have to consider this factor as raising cats or dogs outside, is not at all safe. It is very important for your pets to access your home.

Why pets love to stay outside?

Every animal loves to stay outside. This is because of the reason that it gives them the feeling to stay in their natural habitats and environment. They feel closer to their homes and other animals. Cats can be seen climbing trees and enjoy hiding in shrubs. Likewise, dogs enjoy barking all the time at people, other dogs and even neighbors.

However, you must be aware of the fact that it is not safe to keep them outside of the houses. In order to give them some time outside your homes, you can take dogs outside for walks and allow them to play in your lawns or backyards. For cats, you can allow them to run and jump inside your house so that they can have fun in their own ways. You can also keep them at a place from where they can see the birds flying.

Staying outside can be dangerous for pets

Never allow your pet to stay outside for a long time and also make sure that they are not alone for more than a few minutes. For cats, there is always a danger from other dogs roaming outside your home. These animals can fight with other animals and can harm each other. Your pet can get injuries and may get infected. It is highly recommended to keep an eye on your animal when they are playing outside.

It has been seen that cats and dogs have dangers from cars and other people. If the dog is left free for some time, he may harm children or children may start teasing him. In this scenario, your dog can turn wild and bite the children. You may land in a mess with other people because of this reason.

Keeping them indoors will prevent them from getting infected from ticks, flea and heartworms because they will get these problems easily if they stay out for a long time.

Now, you can see yourself that the pets that stay indoors live longer, healthier and better life than other pets. You can care for them in a better manner.


What kind of food will you choose for your pets?

Food is as important to pets as it is to human beings. It is highly recommended to feed your pets with the right kind of food at proper timings. Sometimes, we tend to feed our pets with the same food that we eat. However, you must look for the foods which are made for them only. They will help them stay healthier and live longer.

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Every one of us knows that rabbits love to have vegetables. It is very essential to provide them the food which includes carrots and lettuce. Many of us give pellets to our rabbits, but this does not provide them fibers which are required by rabbits and can cause obesity in them. The diet for rabbits must include hay, vegetables and pellets and they will get all the necessary nutrients in their diet.


It is a known fact that dogs are related to the wolf family and they love to have meat in their diet. However, it has been observed that various people give them human food. You must be aware of the fact that the human food is not meant for dogs and it can even block their arteries. You must feed your dogs with the right kind of foods. There are dog foods available in the market such as pedigree and meat.

The digestive system of dogs is very sensitive and they can have diarrhea and upset stomach when they start having human foods regularly. You can even take some tips from the doctor who specializes in foods for pets. He will be able to suggest you the foods which are suitable for your dog. He even may give you the diet chart.


Cats are not very choosy about their foods. They can eat mice, birds and other animals to get proteins. However, you must be aware of the fact that they have same requirements for nutrients as for other pets and animals. Like dogs, they also have very sensitive digestive systems and it may be difficult for you to find the right kind of food for them. There are some pet stores that sell cats milk so that they can have vitamins. You can also feed them with some pieces of cheese. It is highly recommended to give them pet foods. Grass can also be one of the greatest options for indoor cats

When you have decided to raise a pet, it is important for you to make a checklist of all the nutrients and foods which he or she requires.


Your cat’s bath – what you need to do

You will be amazed to know that cats love to stay clean and they do not need to be helped in bathing. They learn to stay clean at very early age. The cat owners do not need to give them a bath as they are capable of doing this on their own. However, it is always a good idea to help her and notice if they have been any skin allergies or flea infestation. This is the best way to show your love and care to her. Also, if your cat is sick or old, you must make sure that she is clean properly and you have to give her a bath.

Bath Accessories

You must give bath to your cat where she feels secure and safe. You can use skin of your bathroom, baby tub or your own bathtub so that she can help her out and enjoy the bath. The main idea is to provide a small and enclosed room for her. You will also require other stuff including brush, towel, cup and shampoo. Like human beings, they need to have their own bathing stuff ready so that they can have fun at the same time.

However, you have to be careful about the soap and shampoo you will use. They must be of non-irritating materials. You have to do research on these products and search for the appropriate product in the market. You also have to be extra careful about the fur on their body and must not use harsh brush on them


After you have all the stuff ready with you, you must get lukewarm water for your cat. This is because of the reason that they do not like very hot or cold water. The cat must be treated as an infant. You must fill the sink with this water and place a towel on the surface of sink so that the cat does not slip and can sit to have a bath.

Let your cat enter into the sink

You need to place the cat into the water and it is highly recommended to give her support. Some of the cats do not struggle hard and they act calm when they are placed while others may be difficult to deal with. The cat will feel secure if you keep her closer to you when she is taking bath. You must not hold them tightly as they may get wild and try to come out.

Start the bath

You must start over the head and slowly come down. Make sure that the soap and shampoo does not enter into the cat’s eye which may irritate them. If there are any fleas, you have to remove and reach out to places to clean them. You can also use vegetable oils to remove sticky substances from their body.

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Toys – your cat’s best friends or foes?

When you go to the market to get toys for your cats, you will be surprised to see that there is a wide range of toys available and you can pick any. However, you may get a little confused because cats are just like children. They might like the toys and play with them for a long time or they just do not like them at all.

Some of the toys which they can play with include stuffed mice, cat towers, stuffed animals, and ribbons, small amount of catnip and plastic balls. You can see that kittens at an early age become capable of picking up things from floors and grounds.

Cat tower can be one of the best toys and you can use them to teach how to climb. This is also the best way to keep them away from blinds and curtains and they can have fun at the same time. You can find various styles of cat towers which she can use to play and sleep. The cat will scratch cat tower rather than your couch.

You can also give your cat stuffed mice which she can have a great time with. Cats have their own preferences and choice as some of them like small leather mice while others like multi colored fur and long tails. You can have these mice in twelve packs or three packs.

One of the popular cat toys is catnip toy. This is the best way to make your cat comfortable and sleep for a while. However, you must be aware of the fact that giving too much catnip will change the behavior of your cat. They will start having mood swings and become dependent on them.

Having a cat in your house, you will notice that there are various things your cat will like to play with such as plastics, stuffed animals, paper and even your blankets. They have their own ways to have fun and enjoy. You will be very happy to see them playing and enjoying their own world.

You can also give them old toys from your kid’s collections and observe what she likes.


Tips to train your cats

You will be pleased when you enter your home and your pet greets you. It can be said that if you train your pets in some ways and teach them for various scenarios, you will be happy to know how they react. If you have raised a cat from her infancy, she can be the most lovable creature. They can sense the voice of their owners, car driven by them and who loves them the most. Cats can also be trained.

You can train your cat to respond when you call them, bring the toys back when you throw them away and ask them to bring it back. You can also ask them to use litter box.

You can train your cat with reinforcement which starts at any age; however it is required to start with the kitten. It has been reported that the cats cannot distinguish the words. However; they are able to distinguish the tones of the voices. They can come to know from the tone of your voice only if they have done something wrong. You can use the appropriate tone of your voice if you want to deliver to them specifically; else they can get confused.

It must be noted that reinforcement can be positive or negative. For that matter, water can be considered as negative reinforcement as they despise being wet. Some of the positive reinforcements include hugs, treats, body petting and playtime.

In order to train them, you must call them with their names and look into their eyes when you use soft tones to speak with them. You can also use snapping fingers and clicking noises with your tongue. You will be able to get the attention of your cat or kitten and they can come to you when you call them.

You also need to train them for using the litter box. You must put them inside the litter box and get familiar with the smell. Initially, you may have to put in extra efforts to work it out. This is because of the reason that they do not like to use litter box and find it easier to urinate on the floor. The only way, you can teach them is show the litter box when and get familiar with it. Similarly, you have to show them the bowl in which they will have their foods. You have to devote your quality time in training them.

You can also teach them about how to show when they want to play. Sometimes, cats will start with carrying toys and stuffed animals to you to show their eagerness to play while others may meow and tell you that it is the time for them to go out and play. A well-trained cat will take away a bad day and bring a smile on your face.


Preventing your pet from high temperature in warm hot months

If you are an animal lover, you might be aware of the fact that cats and dogs cannot tolerate hot and extreme temperatures. You have to make sure that your pets are being taken care of properly during these months also. Some of the tips mentioned below will help you out

Never leave pets in cars

You might have noticed that the temperature inside cars get elevated in summers. It is highly recommended that you should never leave dogs or cats in cars during these months. This is because of the reason that they can die and have severe dehydration. You can help your pets by keeping them under air conditioners in hot weather. You should not take them along with you and if you are planning to travel, make sure that you are not taking them along with you.

Take your dogs for a walk

The temperature becomes very high in summer. If you have a dog, you must take him out for a walk during morning or evening time when the temperature outside is lower and tolerable. Not only hot temperature during daytime will make your dog dehydrated but will also damage his sensitive paws. It is suggested to carry water with you when you are taking him out and let him drink after some intervals.

Grooming- the most important part

You can also groom your pet in such a way that you can save him from high temperature. If the dog has long hair, he will feel more uncomfortable during the hot weather. To help him out you can cut down his long hair. Regular clipping of his long hair can also help him stay cool. Summer clipping can also help cats. You must be aware of the fact that sunscreens do not protect dogs.

Protection from insects

The pets are prone to getting ticks and fleas in summers and they can bother your pets a lot. Mosquitoes also come out during this time of the year. It is highly recommended to take them for monthly ticks and flea prevention.

Outdoor safety

You might be spending most of your times outside; however, you must make sure that your pets are staying indoors because they cannot tolerate heat. You may put chemicals in your grass or mow your yards; it is suggested to keep them inside the homes so that they are away from the dangers associated with these chemicals. In summers, you can let your dogs enjoy in water or take him out for boating. However, you must consider his safety first.

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How to care for your diabetic cat

If you come to know that your cat has diabetes, you might get disappointed for your pet. However, there is a possibility for your cat to live longer and healthier even after she has been diagnosed as diabetic. It is highly recommended to care for your pet in a proper manner during her illness. Below mentioned are some of the tips which you can use to care for your pet:

Regular medical check-ups

If your cat is suffering from diabetes, you must visit the veterinarian quite often and never miss out on any appointments. He will suggest your cat to undergo medical and blood tests to know the sugar levels in her blood. This will help him understand if she is responding to the medications well. He may give him insulin and can check for its results. You cannot check the level of blood sugar in cats unless you do not have glucose monitoring system. The doctor may check your pet after every three months to keep an eye on blood sugar level.

Get insulin for your cat

As an owner of a diabetic cat, it becomes your duty to give him insulin twice a day or as prescribed by her doctor. The dose of insulin depends upon the requirements of cats and depending upon what has been prescribed for your cat, you must give it to your pet at the scheduled time. The insulin is typically scheduled at 12 hours apart in a day. You can give it in the morning and evening at the same time every day.

You can learn how to give insulin with the help of injections and your veterinarian can help you understand. He will let you know how to handle it which you can repeat at your home. With the passage of time, you will feel more confident about giving the injection to your cat and she will hardly feel the injections. Your cat can also remind you of injections once they become used to it.

Store the cat supplies

It is advised to keep your medicine stock updated for your cat. In your medicine’s box for pets, you must keep insulin as prescribed by your veterinarian, syringe and alcohol swabs. You must keep the backup of dose so that you do not have to run in hurry once it is finished. This is because of the reason that it will take some time for the veterinarian to order insulin for you. In some instances, he may ask you to alter the diet of your cat and may prescribe supplements which can help her in getting better.

People get worried about the expenses involved in taking care of the pet. It is not very expensive; however, for better results, it is highly recommended to take care of your pet and give her proper medications. You must show your pet your love and care.


Understanding cat fights- Can you avoid them?

Cat owners with multiple cats are very well aware of the fact that cat fights are very often. It has been observed that cats fight at one moment and become affectionate the very next moment. As a human being, you might not understand very well why they are fighting. However cats have reasons for fighting like human beings have. There are some reasons for them to fight which you can know and try to resolve beforehand:

Fighting for their space

Most of the cats fight for their space and they do not like that some other cat has entered their territories and started staying. This is the reason why they become wild and get into fights. Cats are more possessive about the territories than dogs. Even if the other cat has been staying at the place, they do not become pals over the passage of time. They just love their place and hate other cats that have come to stay in their territories. It is very important that you must not have two cats or have different places for them in your home.

Social status

If you have two cats at your place, you might notice that the male cats are into cat fight over the social status. One thinks that he is better than the other. It is very difficult to avoid these types of cat fight. It is recommended not to prefer one over the other and same attachment, love and care must be distributed among them. You may notice that they scratch and bite each other. We can say here that it is recommended to stay away from the fight and keep distance.

Aggressive behavior

It has been noticed that most of the cats fight are over many issues out of aggression. They may get aggressive for various reasons. Indoors cats feel frustrated because they want to go out. If they stay indoors for long time, they get aggressive and fight with other cats in the house. You can prevent this by allowing them to go out for sometime so that they can enjoy their freedom. They can even fight over foods and other issues such as playtime.

Sometimes, it will be difficult for you to recognize if they are fighting with each other or having good times with each other. If you want to stop them from fighting, you have to do it very carefully as they may harm you if you interfere. They can even bite you and you must not punish them if they are fighting because unlike human beings, they are not able to understand fighting. You should not interfere unless it is required.

You have to find out the reason if you notice they have started fighting with other cats quite often. This way, you will help them and resolve the issue they might have.


Is your cat not using litter box- Find out why

One of the most important factors for consideration is usage of litter box. This is because of the reason that you might have to struggle a lot for making your cat use litter box. It has been observed that most of the cat owners get frustrated when they observe that the cat is not using litter box and spoils floors and gardens. If your cat has been refusing to use litter box, you have to find out the reasons behind it. Below mentioned are some of the reasons:

Dirty litter box

This can be one of the main reasons why they refuse to use litter. They find litter box very dirty and have foul smell. Very much like human beings, even cats like to stay clean and appreciate clean litter box. It is very important for you to clean it well before your cat starts using it.

You might have to clean the litter box after every use. You may find it time consuming; however, you must do it if you want your cat to use it quite often. You can try this and see if that helps your cat. However, you have to observe why they are not using it before you take any step.

One of the reasons why they are not using litter box is that it might have been used by all the pets you are having at your place. It is highly recommended to get separate litter box if you have multiple pets at your place. They can become possessive about their litter box if you get them their own and they will start using them every time they have to go for urination.

You might be aware of the fact that the cats love to have their own space and they do not want to share with others. This is the reason why you must get the ones which they like and use it whenever required.

The size and shape of the litter box also makes a lot of difference. Some cats do like to have closed litter box while others prefer different kinds of litter box. You have to give time to yourself and see what they like. Depending upon which one they use, you must get them so that they can become habitual of using them whenever it is required.

The color, texture and smell may affect your cat and she may or may not like the litter box. You have to observe them when they are using litter box. You have to see if they are facing difficulty in using them. This is because of the reason that if you recognize their problems at an early stage, you can find out the solution before it gets worse and she starts to refuse using them.

Health problems

You may discover that because of some health related issues, they are not using litter box. If you have tried every possible way of changing their habits, you must visit the doctor. He may check your cat and point out if he has any health problem.

It is a well known fact that cats having kidney problems, bladder issues and urinary tract infections do not use litter box.

You have to make sure that she is a healthy creature and free from all diseases. Sometimes, it has been observed that cats become ill and stop using litter box. In that case, you have to make sure that after illness, you train her on using litter box. You have to remind her of everything.

You must be aware of the fact that it requires lots of patience, time and efforts to recognize the problems and their solutions.

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We can say that pets have their own issues, health problems, mood swings, and likings, disliking like human beings. We have to provide them support in their tough phase if we want their love and affection in return. Above mentioned tips and information definitely will help you become pals with your pets. Like human beings, they also need love and care and you will receive their faith, loyalty and love. Your house will become livelier if you have pets at your place who love you and your kids.

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